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Overview of Numerology Software

If you’re looking for top-rated, affordable numerology software, then you’ll be delighted with our family of innovative products. Widening Horizons has focused exclusively on numerology since 1985, creating a complete line of numerology report and chart programs. By offering the only numerology software to use an integrated approach, similar to what a professional numerologist does in a personal reading—you’ll be able to produce unusually penetrating, in-depth and accurate reports that are also easy to read. Our unique approach provides a 3 dimensional look into a person rather then the more limited 2 dimensional view presented by other programs. Whether you use our low cost report writers for personal use, our fully featured professional report writers to run a business or our chart calculators to do your own readings, you’ll never have to labor doing numerology again. And if you are new to numerology, don’t worry, no knowledge of numerology is required to use any of our report programs. In fact, if you are studying numerology, our reports are a great way to learn how to do the interpretations yourself.

Our Customers Get Excited About Our Software
We often hear from our customers who like to share their experiences with us. The following comments are typical of the feedback we get:

Thanks for your brilliant support and wonderful programs. They far exceed similar numerology reports of other sites.
William Carter
I've just printed out my first numerology report for myself, using your software. Wow! It's so inspiring to me. I'm in the process of gaining more self-knowledge, so to read this report is really assisting me in this way. It's intuitive in a way that other reports have not been for me. Thank you, thank you!
Corrina Rivera

Easy To Use Numerology Software Does All The Work For Beginners
Main program window, with one report displayed With Personal Numerologist you’ll be able to do in minutes what a professional numerologist takes hours to do. Now you can give personality, compatibility and forecast reports to your family and friends, revealing their most intimate traits and desires as well as giving them new insights into their romantic relationships. They can even learn about the natural influences that affect them each and every year. If you’ve been doing numerology readings by hand, you can save the hours or days it’s been taking. And, of course, there’s no better way to learn how to do interpretations than by studying the reports produced by this program.

Comprehensive Program Is Designed For The Demanding Needs Of Serious Users
Main program window, with 4 reports displayed sid-by-side If numerology is your business, or you just demand the best reports possible, then Professional Numerologist is the program of choice. You can set up your computer at Psychic Fairs, offer reports from your web site, rent a mailing list or place a small ad and start earning income immediately. And if you do private readings, you can provide prospective clients a low cost alternative, appealing to people who have never had a personal session before. As an added bonus, you can give your existing clients printed reports to compliment your own readings. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to attract new customers with these outstanding numerology personality, compatibility and forecast reports.

After you have purchased any of the reports from Professional Numerologist, you can also download a free, professionally designed Sales Flyer and Order Formvalued at over $2,000—to help you promote and sell these reports.

Chart Calculation Program Eliminates Tedious Computations That If Done By Hand Would Take Hours!
Numerology Report from Personal Numerologist If you want to do your own personal readings or delve into numerology more deeply, then Numerologist Chart (one of the modules included in both Personal Numerologist and Professional Numerologist) is a must! It quickly calculates and prints over 1,000 numbers that can take you hours to do by hand. Though it doesn’t do interpretations, it does give a much more thorough look at just the numbers than any of the above reports. Now, in a matter of minutes, you can have a complete and accurate chart to do your own readings from based on the most popular systems used today.

(Note: Both Personal Numerologist and Professional Numerologist consist of four separately purchasable modules: Numerology Report, Relationship Report, Yearly Report and Numerologist Chart. Click here for a comparison of these two programs.)

Why Our Unique Integrated Approach, Developed By A Master Numerologist, Produces Some of the Best Reports You Will Ever Read!
Matthew Oliver Goodwin, author of Numerology The Complete Guide Numerology The Complete Guide - Volume 2, by Matthew Oliver Goodwin Numerology The Complete Guide - Volume 1, by Matthew Oliver Goodwin All reports are the work of Matthew Oliver Goodwin, author of the definitive Numerology: The Complete Guide and 1991 The Original Numerology Annual (available from After fifteen years of research and thousands of personal readings, Goodwin created an integrated approach to numerology ideal for computerization. Rather than using a cookbook approach as other programs do, our report writers look for related numbers in the complete numerology chart. By combining these related elements together, using advanced numerical techniques, a more in-depth and accurate analysis is possible. As compared to other numerology programs, the text database for Professional Numerologist, which is over 375,000 words, is considerably larger to take into account the interplay between the different numbers.

This integrated type of analysis is similar to what a professional numerologist does in a personal reading and makes possible a family of reports that is a generation beyond other numerology report writing programs. In fact, the reports from these programs are of such high quality that friends and clients will insist they have been personally written for them by Goodwin himself. And each Numerology Report and Relationship Report compares the current name with the original name at birth, giving the most complete picture possible for individuals and couples. This is especially important when doing reports for married women who have changed their names!

Extensive Research Validates the Accuracy of Our Reports
One of Widening Horizons' first and most prestigious customers was the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) in Virginia Beach—the custodians of the Edgar Cayce readings and one of the largest metaphysical organizations in the United States. Before the A.R.E. decided to work with us, they went through an exhaustive evaluation of the Numerology Report from our Professional Numerologist software, having already rejected a number of reports from other companies. Only after getting high marks on the 40 reports that we did for their office staff, were we given the go ahead.

They then conducted a comprehensive research project with 1,000 participants and found that our reports had a remarkably high accuracy of 90% for the largest segment of test participants! This resulted in the publication of New Findings In Numerology by Mark Thurston, Ph.D. in their Venture Inward magazine. The other numerology reports offered in our programs use the same advanced techniques, assuring you of the highest quality reports possible.
Venture Inward article, “New Findings in Numerology”, by Mark Thurston, Ph.D.

What Our Toughest Critics Have To Say About Our Software
Based on existing customer feedback, we’re confident you’ll agree that these programs produce some of the most penetrating personal reports you’ll ever read. Our reports have even impressed the toughest critics:

These three reports (Numerology, Relationship and Yearly Reports) are the creme de là creme of numerology report writers. They’re easy to use, highly accurate and most of all, inspiring.
Robert Ellsworth, Four Corners


The report’s valuable and accurate information is presented in a style that is easy to understand. It is the best numerology program I have ever seen and well worth the price.
Hank Friedman, AFA’s Today’s Astrologer


It’s easily the best character analysis type of numerology report I’ve seen yet, all things considered. I recommend it highly.
Richard Nolle, Dell HOROSCOPE


I ran several names of friends and relatives. Most were quite surprised that a computer report could detail their hidden selves so accurately.
Connie L. Faubel, Transformation Times


This software is written as all software should be, but most is not. The directions are clear and concise, its ease of use is no less than phenomenal, and the documentation is the best I have seen in a long time. Counselors in every field can find uses for the reports produced.
Carl Ogden, SSC Booknews

Time To Take The Next Step!
If you’re ready to take the grunt work out of numerology or to expand your clientele and income, then you’re ready for Professional Numerologist. Or if you’re on a more modest budget and just want to help family and friends, consider Personal Numerologist instead.

Whether you use our programs to start a small business selling reports or to reveal the most intimate traits and desires of your family, friends or clients, you’ll find these programs to be invaluable. To get the best numerology programs available today, just download a free, fully functional evaluation copy. When you’re ready to buy, either use our Secure Order Form, call us or mail a printed Order Form to receive the Activation Codes that unlock your evaluation copy. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

For an in-depth look at our numerology programs, review the Numerology Software Product Descriptions page.

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Numerology Software and Numerology Readings by renowned numerologist Matthew Oliver Goodwin, author of Numerology The Complete Guide,
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