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Informative Articles To Deepen Your Understanding of Numerology

Prelude - Free Metaphysical Mystery

We hope you enjoy these various articles on the exciting field of numerology. A short summary is provided for each article to help you select the ones you are interested in. Our goal is that you become better informed on how numerology works and how it can enhance your life.


What Is Numerology – An Introduction to the Fascinating Science of Numbers – A good primer for someone new to numerology. Covers what it is, a short history, how it works, how to do the basic calculations, what all the numbers mean, each of the important areas of a numerology reading, and how to analyze the many different names people use.

How To Determine The Best Numerology Software For You – If you are looking to purchase a numerology program and aren't sure which one is best for you, read this guide first. When looking at numerology software from different publishers it can be confusing determining the right combination of features and capabilities for your needs. This article will help you make an informed decision.

How A Numerology Reading Can Enrich Your Life – Shows how a numerology reading can help you to have a happier and more successful life by sharing several case studies of real people and how they benefited from their numerology readings.

Discover Your Unique Path to Success – Learn how to calculate your own Life Path number using numerology to discover your major lesson in life. Fully understanding this lesson will contribute both to your growth and ultimate success in your personal life and career.

Numerology – Your Personal Year Cycles and How to Navigate Change – Knowing your Personal year cycles can help you interpret the many changes happening within and around you. It is akin to reading the weather report before planning a trip. Varied energies are conducive to different activities and behaviors. There is a time to act, to wait, to change, to express, to explore or retreat. A season for everything!

Numerology for Your Address – Is Your Home Happy for You? – Did you know that your address can affect your happiness? Since numbers are vibrations, your address sets the tone for your entire living space. Find out if your home is compatible with you and the others living there, and how to create an energy that is conducive to your lifestyle.

Numerology Readings – the Significance of Energy Groups and Repeated Numbers – Describes the use of Energy Groups and Repeated Numbers as developed by renown numerologist, Matthew Oliver Goodwin, and the author of Numerology: The Complete Guide, and how this makes a signicant improvement in the depth and accurate of a numerology reading.

New Findings In Numerology – Research study by the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E) to determine the accuracy and helpfulness of numerology readings using Matthew Oliver Goodwin's computerized numerology report. This article contains their research results and methodology for testing, and is based on 1,000 participants.

Did you know hidden in your name is a sacred code, that once scientifically decoded, can show you how to:
  • Understand your true purpose, giving you a deeper appreciation of your life and its significance.
  • Develop your existing talents and abilities to further your livelihood, relationships, finances and more.
  • Recognize hidden strengths and talents to help you create new opportunities in your life.
Extensive research with 1,000 participants has confirmed the remarkably high accuracy of these reports, by renown numerologist Matthew Oliver Goodwin. Get your own Numerology Reading and learn how to unlock your full potential today.


Numerology Software and Readings by renowned numerologist Matthew Oliver Goodwin, author of Numerology The Complete Guide,
for Numerology Personality, Numerology Compatibility & Numerology Forecast Reports and Numerology Charts.

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