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Numerology Software Guide

Best Numerology Software Guide

How To Determine The Best Program For You

If you are seriously looking to purchase a numerology program and aren't sure which one is best for you then this article may be of help. When looking at numerology software from different publishers it is not always easy to determine which program is right for you. There is no one program that does it all. But there usually is one program that will meet your needs better then the others. How do you determine which one it is?

2 Critical Things You Must Know Before Buying Any Numerology Program!

If you are looking for a top-notch program for professional, business or serious personal use, then price is an important indicator. Software development is a very time consuming task. To be able to create outstanding reports and to add useful and valuable capabilities to a program requires a lot of time and effort. The price of software reflects this development expense. In effect, you get what you pay for. Less expensive programs often lack important features that you may wish you had after you have purchased and used the software for a period of time. Unfortunately, it is often too late when you discover these limitations.

The two most critical areas that make a good numerology program are the actual reports produced by the software and the full range of capabilities the software provides. Reports that are concise, accurate, in-depth, easy to read, and meaningful are much harder to write then longer reports with lots of boiler-plate material. Software that has received excellent reviews from a number of different publications is always a good indicator of the quality of a program and its reports.

The second area to carefully consider is the range of capabilities provided by the software itself. Some programs, like Professional Numerologist, make your life a lot easier by allowing you, for example, to display, print or save to individual files multiple reports at one time.

Don't Overlook These 7 Important Features That Can Make Your Life A Lot Easier!

Other important features to compare that can really make a difference in the usability of each program include:
  1. The ease at which the letters Y and W can be automatically or manually determined to be vowels or consonants. (Professional Numerologist provides total control over how the letters Y and W are handled.)
  2. The ability to fully format the text in the different parts of a report, i.e., font name, size, color, bold or italic attributes—as well as paragraph alignment—for the Headings, Subheadings, Body Text, Cover Page, Footer, etc. The more functionality in this area, the more elegant the reports can be made to look. (Professional Numerologist allows complete character and paragraph formatting control for 8 different areas of the report.)
  3. The ease of selecting and running different report types (Numerology, Yearly, Relationship) when doing several reports for the same person. (Professional Numerologist allows you to enter each person's name just once, and then select which of the 3 reports—and chart—you want for that person, for up to 20 people at a time; and then send them all to the display, printer or individual files with one simple click.)
  4. The flexibility to send all reports, at one time, either to the display—with each report in its own window, the printer or to individual files with intelligent file names automatically assigned. (Professonal Numerologist allows you to display up to 4 reports side-by-side on your screen for easy comparison, as well as automatically assigning files names like: Numerology Report for Joe Smith.rtf, when saving to a file that is Microsoft Word compatible.)
  5. The ease of saving and recalling the name and birth date data, along with your notes, for any person you have entered data for. (Professional Numerologist requires only a single mouse click to save a person's birth name, current name, date of birth and any notes you want to keep for that person. With just 2 clicks, all this data can be recalled in the future for doing new reports.)
  6. The number of configuration options the program provides, and their ease of use, that allows you to customize the software to work the way you want. (Professional Numerologist offers a comprehensive set of options that can easily be set by the user that affect how the reports and chart are calculated and displayed.)
  7. The organization and completeness of the Help information, including any Quick Start Instructions. (Professional Numerologist contains detailed Quick Start Instructions, extensive built-in Help and a printable User's Manual that make learning the program easy.)
Ultimately, only you can determine which program is the right one for you. Every program has some strengths and some weaknesses. But, we strongly feel that after you take a careful look at Professional Numerologist, you will be hard pressed to find a better program—with so many useful, yet easy to use features—that produces some of the finest numerology reports you will ever read! Download the free trial version or take the Visual Tour and decide for yourself.

If you are curious about how our advanced numerology report engines work, click here to find out why others think so highly of our reports.

Did you know hidden in your name is a sacred code, that once scientifically decoded, can show you how to:
  • Understand your true purpose, giving you a deeper appreciation of your life and its significance.
  • Develop your existing talents and abilities to further your livelihood, relationships, finances and more.
  • Recognize hidden strengths and talents to help you create new opportunities in your life.
Extensive research with 1,000 participants has confirmed the remarkably high accuracy of these reports, by renown numerologist Matthew Oliver Goodwin. Get your own Numerology Reading and learn how to unlock your full potential today.



Larry Malakoff, a professional numerologist for over 20 years, worked side-by-side with Matthew Oliver Goodwin, a renown numerologist and author of “Numerology: The Complete Guide.” Larry is also president of Widening Horizons, a company that has developed a complete line of Numerology Software for personal and professional use that generate highly accurate, indepth and insightful reports. Online Numerology Readings are also instantly available and include Numerology Personality, Numerology Compatibility & Numerology Forecast Profiles. Extensive research was done by the Association for Research and Enlightenment using the Numerology Personality Profile and concluded that this report had a remarkably high accuracy of 90%. Widening Horizons has been serving the needs of the numerology community since 1985.

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