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About Us

Personal Numerologist and Professional Numerologist, as well as our instantly available online Numerology Readings, were developed by Matthew Oliver Goodwin and Larry Malakoff. Together, they founded Widening Horizons, Inc. in 1985 to help bring numerology out into the world. Through their efforts, over 1,012,000 reports and 30,000 software programs have been sold world wide, making Widening Horizons one of the most successful companies to ever offer numerology.

One of Widening Horizons’ first and most prestigious customers was the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) in Virginia Beach—the custodians of the Edgar Cayce readings and one of the largest metaphysical organizations in the United States. Before the A.R.E. decided to work with Widening Horizons, they went through an exhausting evaluation of our Numerology Report, having already rejected a number of reports from other companies. Only after getting high marks on the 40 reports that we did for their office staff, were we given the go ahead. They then conducted a comprehensive research project, with 1,000 participants, and concluded that this report had a remarkable accuracy of 90%!

Since this beginning, we have consistently received outstanding reviews on all our products, from both our customers and the many software reviewers that have evaluated our programs. Widening Horizons was also privileged to design a numerology program for Expert Software, a mass market software distributor that sold through Costco and CompUSA., the oldest and largest provider of astrology reports via the web, also used Widening Horizons as the software provider for their Numerology Reports. The bottom of our Home page shows a number of other awards that Professional and Personal Numerologist have received.

Matthew Oliver Goodwin

Matthew Oliver Goodwin, author of Numerology The Complete Guide Numerology The Complete Guide - Volume 2, by Matthew Oliver Goodwin Numerology The Complete Guide - Volume 1, by Matthew Oliver Goodwin Matthew Goodwin, one of the foremost numerologists of the 20th century and author of Numerology The Complete Guide and 1991 The Original Numerology Annual, was the numerologist behind our software. Matthew not only designed the actual mathematical algorithms used to do the calculations (that are unique and exclusive to Widening Horizons’ software), but also wrote the text used in all our report writers. A graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Matthew brought a love of numbers, mathematics and scientific analysis to his craft. Matthew not only taught numerology, but gave thousands of private consultations and did advance research. In fact, many of the advanced concepts developed by Matthew were incorporated in Numerology Report and Relationship Report. See Why People Think So Highly of our Reports for more information about these specialized techniques.

How Matthew Goodwin first got started in numerology is a rather fascinating story. As it turns out, he just stumbled into it around 1967. At the time he was a partner in an architectural firm, responsible for hiring new employees. He worked with an assistant who habitually voiced her evaluation of prospective applicants each time she handed over a new resume. He found that her comments—whether good or bad—pegged the individuals that he employed. Many years later he said that after a while he began to listen before he hired, rather than after; that her insights made a big difference in finding the right people.

After two years, his assistant moved away. Before she left, though, Matthew asked her to share the secret of her success. The answer (much to his surprise) was numerology. Matthew shared that the only way he could have ever believed in numerology was to see it work for two years without knowing what it was. He said that he never would have believed it otherwise. After this experience, Matthew learned as much about numerology as he could. The rest is history.

In 1990, Matthew Goodwin unexpectedly passed away. Not only was it a great loss to his family and friends, but a major loss to the numerology community. At the time of his passing, he was working on several new books on numerology. One of these elaborated on the use of energy groups, a special technique that he developed and later used in the design of Personal Numerologist and Professional Numerologist.

Larry Malakoff

Larry Malakoff, Numerologist Larry Malakoff, both a professional numerologist and software programmer, has worked side-by-side with Matthew Goodwin. As president of Widening Horizons, Larry has been responsible for keeping Matthew Goodwin’s work alive and up to date. In addition, Larry’s interest in numerology and his strong spiritual background have been invaluable to his helping others gain a deeper insight into their character, talents, abilities and weaknesses. For over 15 years he has provided personal readings to those wanting to better understand themselves.

In 1983, Larry first began his work in numerology by developing The Numerologist, his first software program for the CP/M and MS-DOS operating systems (a long time before Windows was available). The next year, this program caught the eye of Matthew Goodwin, and Larry and Matthew teamed together to develop a full line of numerology programs, available today from Widening Horizons as Personal Numerologist and Professional Numerologist.
Numerology Software and Numerology Readings by renowned numerologist Matthew Oliver Goodwin, author of Numerology The Complete Guide,
for Numerology Personality Reading, Numerology Compatibility Reading & Numerology Forecast Reading and Numerology Charts.

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