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Why People Think So Highly Of
Our Numerology Reports!

When we ask others what they think of our numerology reports, we consistently hear comments like:
  • Fantastic
  • Great
  • Fascinating
  • You have the most accurate programs on the market
  • Very good
  • Love your programs. Keep up the great work.
So, why do we regularly get comments like these?

Ideally, when someone designs a numerology software program, it would produce the same quality reading that a professional numerologist would give in a personal session. This is what every software author would like to achieve. In reality, though, this is very difficult to accomplish. Instead, numerology software companies use a simpler method, commonly referred to as a cookbook approach. This method is easy to implement on a computer, but is essentially the equivalent of extracting text from a book on numerology that you could buy in a bookstore. As a result, it provides some good information, but never rivals a professional reading. What it lacks is the synthesis that a human numerologist is capable of doing. That is why a reading with a professional numerologist is always superior to a computerized report.

What Makes Our Numerology Software So Different From Other Programs?
The one exception to the above is Personal Numerologist and Professional Numerologist, the software programs developed by Matthew Oliver Goodwin, author of the highly acclaimed Numerology: The Complete Guide. Rather than using a cookbook approach like everyone else, Goodwin pioneered a highly advanced technique that looks for similar energies in the core of a person’s chart. His system combines all these related energies into one complete description that takes into account how each of these energies work together to describe the whole person. In this case, the whole really is greater than the sum of the various parts as used in the cookbook approach. This type of synthesis approximates what a professional numerologist does in a personal reading, and is what makes it possibly to provide computerized reports that read as though they were personally written by Goodwin himself. As compared to the cookbook approach, it's like seeing a person in 3 dimensions instead of 2 dimensions.

Some numerology software companies claim that the size of the text database is what determines the best program. This is somewhat true, but does not take into account the intelligence of how that database is constructed. By its nature, there is minimal intelligence used in a cookbook approach. On the other hand, our text database is considerably larger than most because of the many different combinations of energies that need to be described. The actual size of the text database used in Professional Numerologist is over 375,000 words.

Why Our Synthesized Approach Produces Superior Reports Compared To The Traditional Cookbook Approach Used By Others!
To better understand the important differences, let’s look at an example of Goodwin’s synthesized approach vs. a cookbook approach for the following core numbers:

  • 6 Life Path
  • 9 Expression
  • 5 Soul Urge
  • 6 Birthday
In a cookbook approach there would be a description for a 6 Life Path, then a description for the Expression, then the Soul Urge, and finally the Birthday. In a cookbook system, these would be 4 separate descriptions, with no attempt to tie together the 6 Life Path with the 9 Expression and the 6 Birthday. But, any professional numerologist knows that these 3 elements, because they all have numbers that are similar, must be described as a whole, because each number and position affects the others. In other words, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

In Personal Numerologist and Professional Numerologist, we describe the 6 Life Path, 9 Expression and 6 Birthday as one unique combination of numbers. First we describe the 6 Life Path by itself, followed by the 9 Expression and then the 6 Birthday. Finally, we describe the entire combination of the unique 6-9-6 energy contained in the Life Path, Expression and Birthday.

We also describe the occurrence of the repeated 6’s (6 Life Path and 6 Birthday), which is a very strong influence in this chart, but which is ignored by all cookbook approaches. Whenever a number is repeated in the core, it means that this person is much more likely to be running their energies at either the under-balanced or over-balanced end of the spectrum for that number—rather then using this energy in a balanced way. Personal Numerologist and Professional Numerologist emphasize this out of balance use of energy when describing the 6-9-6 combination.

In addition, Goodwin treats all the modifiers (Karmic Lessons, Modified Karmic Lessons, Intensity Points, Challenge, Maturity Number, Karmic Debts, etc.) in a special way. Most cookbook approaches will describe these numbers, but only as stand alone energies. Personal Numerologist and Professional Numerologist always consider the modifiers relative to the actual numbers in the core of the reading. As a result, these descriptions more accurately describe the person then the more generalized cookbook approach.

Besides this more intelligent way of handling modifiers, Personal Numerologist and Professional Numerologist also uses meaningful transition paragraphs that gracefully take the reader from one section of the report to the next.

Other Important Differences That Make Our Software Unique.
One other aspect of Professional Numerologist that is special is the way it handles the name used today, in addition to the birth name. Some programs do describe the Expression and Soul Urge (these elements may go by different names in other programs) derived from the name used today, but that is as far as they go. Professional Numerologist, instead, describes the current name energies only if it is significantly different from the energies of the birth name core—otherwise the report could come across as repeating itself. In addition, Professional Numerologist looks for other differences due to the name change. If a number becomes repeated in the current name or if a repeated number in the birth core is dropped, or if a Karmic Debt is added or deleted in the current name, these are described and can make an important difference in accurately describing an individual.

Finally, the reports from Personal Numerologist and Professional Numerologist provide a unique and meaningful Overview section based on the predominate energies found in the birth name core, and a Summary section based on all the energies found in both birth name and current name cores.

In conclusion, no report produced by a numerology software program will ever be as good as a reading from an experienced, professional numerologist. But, because of the advanced computerized techniques pioneered by Matthew Goodwin, the reports from Personal Numerologist and Professional Numerologist come surprisingly close. The result of his synthesized approach is a report that feels like it was personally prepared for the individual, rather than coming from a computer.

Note: When describing the combined energies of related numbers, as is done in the Goodwin system, occasions will occur where the descriptions for part of the report will be similar for two different people. This happens when looking at two people with very similar energies in their core, even though the numbers they have in common occur in different positions in the chart. This is not an error or a deficiency of this approach, but a natural consequence of describing two people who are, in reality, very similar in their natures. The result, contrary to others’ claims, is still more accurate than a cookbook approach.

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