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Web Solutions for Online Businesses

Web Solutions for Businesses
4 Ways To Offer Numerology Reports From Your Own Website
If you have a business or website that you want to offer Numerology Reports from, we have unique software solutions appropriate for small, medium and large operations, as well as those just starting out. Whatever your size, we make it easy for you to offer some of the finest numerology readings available today.

Venture Inward article, “New Findings in Numerology”, by Mark Thurston, Ph.D.All reports are the work of Matthew Oliver Goodwin, an MIT graduate, architect, renowned numerologist and author of the highly acclaimed, “Numerology: The Complete Guide.” Goodwin devised an advanced integrated system, similar to what a professional numerologist does in a personal consultation, resulting in reports of unusually high quality and accuracy.

In fact, the Association for Research and Enlightenment, the largest metaphysical organization in the U.S., conducted an extensive research project using the Numerology Personality Profile. Their most significant finding—based on 1,000 participants—was that the accuracy of these reports was a remarkably high 90% for the largest segment of test participants! This resulted in the publication of “New Findings In Numerology” by Mark Thurston, Ph.D. in their Venture Inward magazine. and, among the largest metaphysical sites on the internet, chose our software to power their numerology services. Click here to find out why they thought so highly of our numerology software and reports—and why your own customers will insist their reports have been personally written for them by Goodwin himself.

Just Starting Out
If you are just starting out and want the least expensive way to offer reports to your clients, you can get a 50% discount on all online reports purchased after you pay for any 2 of our reports at the regular price. After you purchase these first 2 reports, simply email us your Order No. (on the bottom of the front cover for the PDF version, and at the end of the report for the HTML version) and your desire to sell additional reports to your clients. Once we confirm the order(s), we will email you a Coupon Code good for a 50% discount off the regular prices for all 4 report types (no limit to the number of reports you can get). This code will be good for 12 months and can be renewed if you continue to purchase at least 20 reports throughout the remainder of the year. This approach allows you to pay as you go, for the least amount necessary to get started.

Purchase reports using this link and enter the Coupon Code in the field at the bottom of the page. Once the reports are generated, immediately in real time, save the PDF versions to your computer and attach to an email to send to your clients. If you are generating enough reports over time, you may want to consider purchasing Professional Numerologist, which may save you money over the long-term (only the first 3 reports are available with this software).

Small Websites
For most professional numerologists, astrologers, psychics and others who want to offer reports to their clients, Professional Numerologist is the logical choice. This is a Windows PC program (also runs on a Mac with Parallels Desktop) that allows you to enter the data yourself, and print or save reports that you can give or email to your clients. Depending on which of the 3 report modules your decide to get, the cost can range from $195 (for a single report module) to $450 (all 3 report modules, if purchased at the same time).

You will also receive a FREE professionally designed Sales Flyer and Order Form, worth over $2,000, to help you promote and sell reports when you purchase at least one report module from Professional Numerologist.

The 3 available reports are:
  1. Numerology Report (a personality report that also includes the current Personal Year, Life Path Period and Pinnacle)
  2. Yearly Report (a 12 month forecast covering the major events for the entire year, as well as month-by-month)
  3. Relationship Report (a romantic compatibility report for couples)
Medium Websites
If you already do a moderate amount of business from your website and do not want to manually generate reports yourself, you will be interested in our online private branding partnership opportunity. With this approach, we process all your report orders and take care of all customer service requests, while your customers immediately receive their reports in real time. And, throughout the entire ordering process, your customers will feel like they are still on your site.

To get started, you only need to provide one masthead image that matches your site’s design, and fill out a short questionnaire that allows our online numerology report website to be setup to look like your site.

After the setup is completed, you simply redirect your customers to this special checkout site from a page on your own website that describes the 4 reports available. We even provide an html template you can use to quickly create this page. Once redirected, this site processes the orders and instantly generates and delivers the reports to your customers. All checkout pages, reports and order related emails will have the same look and feel as your site, maintaining your own brand image throughout the entire process. This helps to maintain a strong identity with your customers, even though we are doing all the work behind the scenes. In addition, customers can be returned to your site after they retrieve their reports so you can upsell them other products.

Your orders will not only be processed automatically, but all customer service related issues will be handled by our team. You will get paid 50% of the gross revenue generated from your site’s referrals, once a month, and receive a daily accounting of all orders from the previous day and the entire month. There is a one-time setup fee of $285 with this approach, and only a minimal amount of time and effort required on your part to implement this method.

The 4 available reports are:
  1. Numerology Personality Profile
  2. Numerology One-Year Forecast
  3. Numerology Romantic Compatibility Profile
  4. Numerology Life Snapshots
Visit the Numerology Readings page on our site for an example of how you can present these reports on your own site. When you click on any of the links on this page, you will be taken to our partner’s site, but will still see our masthead image on the top of all pages and all reports. When you partner with us using this approach, your masthead image and name will take the place of ours, maintaining your image through the entire checkout process, including the reports your customers purchase and all order related emails.

Large Websites
If you are a sizable website and need to automatically generate large numbers of reports, without manual intervention, and want to have full control of the checkout process, including up sells, you will want to use our custom numerology report engine that is designed to be integrated into your website. This will require some software development on your part to “connect” our engine to your site, but is a relatively straight forward process for an experienced web developer/programmer.

This is the most expensive approach, but the one best suited for large sites. In addition to the development costs you will incur, there is a one-time prepaid royalty payment and a per report sold royalty, to be paid monthly. Typical startup costs for this approach can be $5,000 or more, depending on the extent of your web development efforts, and is only appropriate for large businesses with a successful history of selling products. and are just two examples of sites that have partnered with us using this approach.

The numerology report engine outputs both XML and RTF files that can easily be converted to custom HTML code that fits right into any page design you want, and PDF files using very affordable 3rd party RTF to PDF conversion tools.

The custom numerology report engine offers 5 different reports, both as full reports and as short sample reports that can be used as free teasers. There are no royalty payments for the sample reports.

The 5 available reports are:
  1. Numerology Personality Profile
  2. Numerology One-Year Forecast
  3. Numerology Romantic Compatibility Profile
  4. Numerology Life Snapshots
  5. Monthly Calendar
The first 4 reports are the same ones available for medium sized businesses described above. The Monthly Calendar can be designed to be either a single page calendar or a multi-page report and includes the Personal Month and Personal Days descriptions, and Daily Lucky Numbers.

Please call our sales department at 949-713-6788 PST or send us an email to find out more about any of these solutions to grow your business.
Numerology Software and Numerology Readings by renowned numerologist Matthew Oliver Goodwin, author of Numerology The Complete Guide,
for Numerology Personality Reading, Numerology Compatibility Reading & Numerology Forecast Reading and Numerology Charts.

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