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Special FREE Gift for All Visitors
for your enlightenment and reading enjoyment

Visionary Mystery, About The Greatest Of All Mysteries,
Shatters The Myth of Death… and, with Numerology too!

Highly recommend this book to those who think about the meaning of life and what comes before and after. Gripping, insightful, stimulating. A must read!.”

–Bernie McKinney

Prelude: Every Life is a Prelude to the Next is an intelligent, thought provoking story that explores the existence of past lives from the perspective of both the scientific/medical community and the universe of metaphysical beliefs. These worlds converge in a hotly contested legal case over an unclaimed inheritance worth millions, the outcome of which threatens to upend legal, medical and religious institutions worldwide.

This well-researched and captivating novel is sure to entertain you, and to enlighten you as to the schools of thought challenging the belief that death is the final chapter. More truth than fiction, Prelude is a must read for anyone interested in the spiritual laws that are the underpinning of our life’s journey.

And to top it off, it has 2 chapters showcasing numerology (chapters 14 and 41)!

The authors of Prelude are offering you a complimentary look at the first 35 chapters of this riveting mystery. It’s their way of introducing you to this life-altering story that can change your understanding of how:
  • Medicine may be using an incomplete model for healing
  • The legal system may not be accounting for the ‘whole truth’
  • The Law of Cause and Effect is the root cause of all success and obstacles in life
  • Death is not the final chapter

An Extended Look At Prelude

When psychologist Carol Klein is shocked by the spontaneous healing of her patient who unexpectedly relives a catastrophic trauma from a past life, Carol begins an arduous quest seeking answers to this miraculous cure. Driven to discover the truth, she is threatened with dismissal from her post at a prestigious university and jeopardizes her future with her fiancé, a rising attorney groomed for political office by his powerful Boston family.

Undaunted, Carol seeks out Dr. Lee, an Asian physician-mystic and authority in past life research. Under his guidance, her own previous life as heiress-activist Iris Middleton Paulson is revealed in vivid detail—including the existence of an unclaimed inheritance left to Iris, worth millions.

Persuaded by Dr. Lee, Carol’s search takes a new and perilous turn. Against overwhelming odds, she uncovers concrete corroborative evidence that radically alters the playing field. Emboldened, Dr. Lee and Carol enlist the aid of her skeptical fiancé to take a dramatic step, with far-reaching consequences. Together they devise a legal strategy to reclaim Carol’s rightful ownership of the abandoned inheritance by pitting deceased Iris against her still elderly living children.

Risking all, this mismatched trio embark on a trailblazing mission to build a fact-by-fact case to support their legal argument. To succeed, they must prove the implausible claim of reincarnation’s legitimacy in a court of law. A landmark trial follows, setting off a firestorm as riveting testimony from authorities in science, medicine and religion threatens the bedrock pillars that underpin our understanding of life and death—challenging beliefs in a final mortality.

As an electrifying medical/legal mystery with a visionary theme, Prelude seamlessly merges the boundaries of scientific facts with metaphysical beliefs of the ages. Well-researched, this thought provoking page-turner is as entertaining as the evidence is eye-opening... with an unforgettable outcome.

Read it, enjoy it. The remaining 50 chapters await should you decide to finish this amazing story. Once you read this free preview edition, we’re confident you’ll want to purchase the full version rife with escalating suspense and high drama, and a compelling courtroom encounter you will never forget.

Also available in Paperback and Kindle formats at Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australia, Amazon India if you can not wait to read the entire story.

Prelude - Free Metaphysical Mystery

Praise for Prelude

Here are just a few enthusiastic remarks from professional reviewers, as well as avid readers: Reviews      Net Galley Reviews

“Prelude is an unforgettable thriller about the afterlife—impossible to put down. This riveting mystery about the greatest of all mysteries is an unexpected treasure. Told from alternating perspectives, the ensuing story is an epic referendum on death that defies easy categorization (let’s call it a legal thriller with metaphysical overtones). In the end, Prelude is, above all, unlike any book you’ve ever read.”


“This is a thought provoking story embracing mortality, teaching the purpose of life and focusing on past life regression together with a roller coaster of a ride with twists and turns all rolled into a novel.”

– Pam T.
Net Galley Book Reviewer

“Wow, I wanted a quiet easy read and ended up with the most thought provoking book I have ever read. With a storyline that delves into the deepest darkest idea of reincarnation and the law. This is an unmissable read.”

– Lisa J.
Net Galley Book Reviewer

“This was a thought provoking and compelling book. Fiction based in truth, it examines many of the ridiculous constraints that now govern medicine, the foremost what is best for the patient may be unconventional, and not particularly popular with the mainstream, but is extremely effective. The reincarnation theme complements what I believe and was presented scientifically (if you care to research) and realistically. The characters were well developed, real, and even when on opposing sides in a courtroom, likable. I will definitely read this again and have recommended it to many.”

– Margaret H.
Net Galley Book Reviewer

“Prelude is an amazing book! It's captivating, incredibly interesting and entertaining. Even after reading the summary, the story took me by surprise. Now that I'm done reading the book, I miss it....always a sign of a really good read. This book should be made into a movie, though it would be tough to make it as good as this fascinating book.”

– Amazon Verified Purchaser

The authors are making this offer because they know, like many, you may feel an inner urge to grow, expand and actualize your true essential nature. Prelude will introduce you to many new concepts and is a must read for those who think about the meaning of life. They offer this opportunity as their contribution to you and a world in need… with love, peace and harmony.

Preview Edition available in PDF, Kindle (.epub) and iPhone/iPad/Nook (.epub) formats.

Download your free copy and start reading today:

PDF       Kindle       iPhone/iPad/Nook

How to install downloaded file onto your eBook reader


  1. Click on this Kindle link to download the file:
  •      Prelude-Preview-Edition.epub
  1. Send an email with the Subject: “Book” and attached epub file to your Kindle email account. If you do not know what your email is, follow these steps to locate it:
    1. Log into your Amazon account.
    2. Move your mouse over the “Account and Lists” link in the menu at the top of the page and then click on “Content and Devices”.
    3. Click on the “Devices” tab, to the right of “Manage Your Content and Devices,” near the top of the page and just below the Amazon menus.
    4. Click on the Kindle image.
    5. Your Kindle email for that device will be shown below your device name, and will look similar to:
  1. Within a few minutes you should receive a Verification email. Click the Verify button in this email.
  2. After waiting a minute or so, click on the “Content” tab.
    1. To the right of “View:” select “Docs”.
  3. “Prelude Preview Edition” should be listed (if it is not there yet, wait a little longer).
  4. Select this book title and then the “Deliver to Device” button to deliver it to your Kindle device or reader.
  5. Wait a short while and then open your Kindle device or reader and “Prelude Preview Edition” should now appear in your library.


  1. Click on this iPhone/iPad link to download the file:
  •      Prelude-Preview-Edition.epub
  1. Add this file to your iTunes and then sync the downloaded file using iTunes 10.5.3. or later.
  2. Alternatively, you can open up your email client on your computer. You can do this with any app or webmail program. Address an email to yourself, and attach the downloaded epub file you want to open on your iPhone or iPad. Send yourself the attachment, and then get your iPhone or iPad.
  3. Now, open your preferred email program on your iPhone or iPad and then open the email you just sent yourself. Tap the attachment icon to download it to this device, and you will see the icon turn into an iBooks one. Tap and hold on the file and an “Open in iBooks” will pop up. Tap that, and your iPhone or iPad will open iBooks and then the epub file you just sent yourself.

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