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Software Review: SoftStar News

Professional Numerologist
by Hank Friedman MAFA

At long last, Professional Numerologist, an excellent numerology program produced by Widening Horizons, is available for Windows PCs (and Macs using Virtual PC).

Professional Numerologist consists of four discrete modules: the Numerology Report, Relationship Report, Yearly Report and Numerologist Chart. Professional numerologists who simply want software to do their calculations will purchase the latter, but most people will want the three interpretive reports, all written by Matthew Oliver Goodwin, the very well respected numerologist and author.

The Numerology Report produces well-written reports for up to 20 people in a batch, and delineates the Life Path, Increased Energy and Karmic Debt added to the Current Name, the Expression, Soul Urge, and Birthday numbers, Challenge, Karmic Lessons, Modified Karmic Lessons, Maturity number, and numbers deleted in the Current Name, and the current Life Path period and Pinnacle, and the Personal Year. The Numerology Report is my favorite module because it does a fine job of interpreting each of the factors and is comprehensive and includes a wonderful and meaningful summary of the report.

The Yearly Report interprets your Personal Year, the Special Focus of the Year, the Essence, and each Personal Month, giving you guidance on how to make the most out of the energies of the year and each month. I find the content both clearly written and very useful.

The Relationship Report uses an interesting format that evaluates the First Impression, Adaptability, Sociability, Relations with Others, Emotional and Sexual patterns, Ability to Communicate, Ability to Give Love and Affection, Physical Compatibility, Approach to Material Affairs, and Ability to Earn a Living first for each person individually, and then how the two people's patterns in each area mesh. It also covers Mutual Ambitions and the influences for the year on both people and the relationship, and what you can expect from the relationship.

Any or all of the reports can be viewed on screen (even tiled to see all four at once), printed, or saved to appropriately-named Word-compatible files.

This suite of numerology programs is well-designed, and you can see sample reports by clicking here.

Copyright © Hank Friedman

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