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Software Review: Dell Horoscope

The Computer World
by Richard Nolle

Numerology and astrology, while quite distinct, have many similarities. Each is capable of producing detailed and accurate descriptions of people’s character and destiny based on their birth date, along with other natal information. Astrology works on the premise that there is a significant correlation between people and the cosmic patterns at, and after, their birth. Numerology works on the premise that there is a significant correlation between people and the numbers represented by their names and birth dates. Some astrologers use numerology as an aid to astrological studies, and some astrological researchers have proposed that the astrological aspects have a Pythagorean, numerological element to them.

While many astrological programs have been featured in this column in the past, until now we’ve never taken a look at a numerological program.

The first program this month is a new release from Widening Horizons. It’s called The Numerologist Report Writer. Available direct from the publisher or from your favorite astrological software dealer, this program carries a list price of $295.00 and comes in a version for IBM computers (including IBM compatibles) with at least 320KB RAM. A printer is optional, but of course necessary if you want written reports. Any old printer will do, because the program uses a standard ASCII printer file

I tested The Numerologist Report Writer on an IBM XT with 640 KB RAM, dual floppy drives, and an Epson FX-80 printer. The program comes with an attractive and complete manual. However, The Numerologist Report Writer is quite simple to install and use, and gives you instructions on screen if you find yourself at a loss for what to do next. Installing the program is simply a matter of formatting a couple of blank floppy disks (one with the DOS system on it, one without), and then copying the master disks onto the formatted blanks. Then you simply type “NUMRW” and hit the enter key.

If it’s your first time running the program, you’ll be prompted to specify how you want to run it (as a single drive, dual drive, or hard drive program), and whether the letters y and w will be consonants always or vowels where appropriate. You’re also allowed to key in your name and address, which will thereafter be included on all reports you print. It’s easy and foolproof, and it took me about three minutes to do.

To do reports, you must type in the full given name at birth, the name currently used, and the birth date. Reports may be entered and processed one at a time, or in batches of up to ten. You can have these reports sent to the printer, to the screen, or to a disk file. (The latter option allows you to edit the report with a word processor if you wish.) On a test run of a dozen reports, I found that they averaged about 10 pages each, and took around six minutes apiece to perform the calculations and print the text.

The reports produced by this program are very well written and edited. The format is attractive, with fully justified paragraphs and automatic page numbering. However, because only a standard ASCII printer file is used, you don’t get any special print features, such as bold or oversize characters, etc. What you do get is a finely crafted personality reading, pointing out the major issues and trends in your life. The program doesn’t allow you to rewrite the interpretations in your own words so that these will be incorporated into the reports. But the reports read so well that most users couldn’t improve on the text anyway. It’s easily the best character analysis type of numerology report writer I’ve seen yet, all things considered. I recommend it highly.

Copyright © Dell Publishing Co., Inc., HOROSCOPE, used by permission

NOTE: The three programs reviewed here are earlier versions of our numerology software that have since been vastly improved and expanded into Professional Numerologist: Numerology Report module.

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