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Software Review: AFA’s Today’s Astrologer

Report Writers: The Next Generation
by Hank Friedman MAFA

The second “next generation” program is the Numerologist Report Writer from Widening Horizons. I have not reviewed any numerology programs in my column up to now, but since numerology is clearly the most closely allied science to astrology, such a review is definitely relevant.

The Numerologist Report Writer was designed and written by the renowned numerologist Matthew Goodwin. The report covers all of the major factors, including the life path, expression and birthday numbers, modified karmic lessons, master numbers, maturity number, the soul urge, karmic debts, repeated numbers, intensity points, and challenges. It also does a fine job exploring the effects your current name has upon you, and has both an overview and summary section on your numbers.

The report’s valuable and accurate information is presented in a style that is easy to understand and synthesizes factors for you. The printouts average 11 pages, including a title page, introduction, and chart of the numbers used in the report.

The Numerologist Report Writer runs on IBM compatibles, and is priced at $295. It is the best numerology program I have ever seen and well worth the price.

Note: For those who want a program that does a complete numerology workup without an interpretation of the numbers, Widening Horizons offers The Numerologist. This $99.95 program calculates natal points, points of intensification, planes of expression, and the overall cycles, pinnacles, and challenges. It is fully customizable, and can use the systems of Matthew Goodwin or Juno Jordan, or the Pythagorean or Chaldean systems.

For Juno Jordan’s system, for example, the software calculates the transits, essences, astro cycle, age consciousness, personal year, universal year, cycles, pinnacles, challenges, planes of expression, intensifications, birth path, point of security, and heart’s desire.

The Numerologist is fast, simple to use, can process many charts at one time, and can print multiple copies of each chart. It is an excellent numerology calculation program.

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NOTE: The three programs reviewed here are earlier versions of our numerology software that have since been vastly improved and expanded into Professional Numerologist: Numerology Report and Numerologist Chart modules.

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