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Software Reviews: Widening Horizons &

Professional and Personal Numerologist
by Confirmed Customers

Widening Horizons Reviews
Professional Numerologist

Corrina Rivera

I've just printed out my first numerology report for myself, using your software. Wow! It's so inspiring to me. I'm in the process of gaining more self-knowledge, so to read this report is really assisting me in this way. It's intuitive in a way that other reports have not been for me. Thank you, thank you!

William Carter

Thanks for your brilliant support and wonderful programs. They far exceed similar numerology reports of other sites.

Lisa Wellington

Thank you for getting back to me so promptly. I love this software and really appreciate all the effort that went into creating it.

Ann Perry

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service I have received from you. After a really poor experience with a competitive product and the service it promised but never delivered, I have to say you personally went above and beyond to help. I was delighted with the speed in which you responded to my endless questions and that it was you who responded and not some auto reply. This in my mind speaks volumes as to the commitment you have to delivering the best quality product and service in the industry. You made me feel comfortable about my purchase right from the start and have continued to support my purchase time and again. Thanks so very much!

Professional Numerologist: Numerology Report

Trish Gardner

This is so weird. I had to track down your company to relate what happened yesterday. I was cleaning out old, old stuff—“decluttering”—when I came upon a Numerology Report that someone had given me as a birthday gift in 1997.

While I have absolutely no memory of receiving this gift or reading the report, you can imagine how immediately and immensely curious I became about how all the intervening years may have impacted a report done, now almost 20 years ago.

I have to say the profile I read was the most accurate, observant and thoughtful profile of myself that I have ever seen.

Wow. Now, see why I had to write?!

Wendy Morrow

I was cleaning out a closet today and I found a report that I had done on my son when he was 14 in 1998. As I was reading the report, I was so amazed how accurate it was now that he is an adult. I called him and read some of it to him and he just laughed and said, "WOW"!

I just wanted to let your company know that the report was just about right-on!! Reviews
Personal Numerologist

Ed Dutton, Verified Purchase

This is a great software for the individual who is new to numerology and it will give them pleasure in finding out just how accurate numerology, and this software in particular, really is. I believe this software along with several books which I have on numerology will give me a more comprehensive and detailed understanding so I may be able to help family and friends when a problem raises its ugly head and this software will assist me in helping them understand and hopefully resolve their situation.

Diane, Verified Purchase

Whether you are a novice or professional, this program is easy to use. I have found the charts completed so far to have been quite accurate. I would highly recommend this product to anyone interested in the subject of numerology.

Mark Wisniewski, Verified Purchase

Great product. The program is easy to get up and running, and is surprisingly accurate. It is a good program for the money

Jim, Verified Purchase

I bought this software to have fun with while learning numerology. The program seems to be about 85–90% correct in describing a person’s personality and innermost thoughts of what makes you tick. I would recommend this software. Buy it and decide for yourself.

Michael Robinson, Verified Purchase

Very good product for the money. I purchased this product a couple of months ago. It was shipped to me very quickly and when I installed it, I made a phone call to the phone number listed, got a real person who walked me through the entire process. The product itself is very reliable and I look forward to eventually purchasing the Professional Numerologist version. I would give Widening Horizons five stars based on their customer service delivery alone.

Rita J. Smith, Verified Purchase

I have used their program in the past and I really think they are well done and give you the information you want for a personal reading. I am considering the professional version too.

Albert Silver, Verified Purchase

A great way to learn more about Numerology.

Face Lady, Verified Purchase

The upgrade is even more than I expected... Love It!!! Very easy to navigate and get reports. Even contacted the Seller and received great advise & customer service. Plus Plus Plus... Very Happy with product. Delivery time and packaging... plus plus plus.

Professional Numerologist

Dan Neiderhiser, Verified Purchase

Mind-Blowing!! This is an amazing product!! I've always loved gematria so this was an easy transition. The program is very customizable if you're looking to tweak the report output. The reports have loads of info that can be turned on or off depending on what you’re looking for. I like to do this for friends and family members, and people you don't know are really blown away when they find you can tell them so much about themselves just based on their name and birthday.

Rev. Mary Berg

Excellent program. Also Accurate! I originally studied numerology with the late Earl Miller of California. For more than 20 years I spent countless hours compiling numerology charts by long hand. I purchased the program in 2006 and have often double checked the program, per Earl Millers class on numerology. It has always been accurate with my calculations. In 6 months, I had paid for the program and netted a profit. It still generates a monthly income for me. I would recommend it to anyone.

I love the support after the sale of the product. My computer crashed, just this week and I called for activation codes for my program. A live voice came on the line and walk me thru the process and I am back in business. Thanks, for a Great Product and Support.

Important Note

All our programs are available from However, the available program options are more limited than if you get the program directly from us. And, you will have to wait to receive the CD-ROM in the mail and then contact us for Activation Codes to unlock the options you purchased.

If you download the free, fully functional trial version from our site, you can fully evaluate the program before deciding to buy. And, when you are ready to purchase, you can then use our Secure Online Order Form to immediately get the Activation Codes and be up and running in minutes. Either way, you will get the same great support!

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