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BIRTH DATE:  July 3, 1962
BIRTH NAME:  Thomas Cruise Mapother

YEAR:  2016
LIFE PATH PERIOD: 9   (Jan 1, 2016 - rest of life)
PINNACLE:  7   (Jan 1, 2016 - rest of life)
PERSONAL YEAR: 1   (Jan 1, 2016 - Dec 31, 2016)










This report is designed to give you new insights into your character and personality from a perspective considerably different from that which most people use. The descriptions in this report are based on the ancient science of numerology.

The report discusses:

The lessons you are learning in this life, your deep inner desires and how to fulfill them, your talents and personality traits and how to make the best use of them, the environment in which you work best, your attitude toward work, and your ways of relating to other people.

The report can also guide you in identifying existing opportunities and opening the way to new and even more favorable possibilities. It's up to you, though, to use the information here, along with your free will, to determine the road on which you want to journey and the distance you wish to travel. No matter your age, the roads are open when you are ready to explore.

The numerology chart from which this report is derived is based on your birth date, birth name and current name. The birth date and birth name describe the characteristics and abilities with which you were born. The current name describes the changes in those characteristics and abilities which occurred after you started to use your new name. If you've used your current name for less than five years, the changes it describes may still be in the process of unfolding.

Some talents and characteristics surface at different times in your life. Occasionally, a characteristic described in this report has been present in an earlier part of your life and is not of current importance. Sometimes, a talent mentioned here is present although you may not be fully aware of it. If this is the case, check with a friend who knows you well and you may be pleasantly surprised. A few characteristics may not have appeared in your life as yet although they're described in this report. The description of these undeveloped potentials may serve to open your consciousness to new and exciting possibilities.

For many people, some of their strong potentials are not developed because of obstacles which have not been overcome. A part of this report may describe you as you would like to be rather than as you feel you are. When this is the case, the sections of the report describing the obstacles holding back that particular potential are especially important for you to understand.

Quite often the report describes several different and diverse sides of yourself. You may try to suppress or even ignore parts of who you are that don't come easily to you and emphasize other, more comfortable sides of yourself. You'll find, though, that when you can learn to integrate and equally express all the different sides of who your are, you will make the most progress in your life.


There are several different sides to your character, but you're primarily a person with very strong practical energy. You probably work well at material, down-to-earth activities, very often in the business world-unless you're one of the few people with this kind of energy who have to first learn to break free of their dependence before they can operate comfortably in the material world. To a considerable extent, you are likely to be a rational and pragmatic individual with very strong needs. Because you want to satisfy your strong ambitions and material desires, your early years are likely to be spent working to satisfy those needs and learning, too, to free yourself from the troublesome situations precipitated by your limited concern for others. Much of your youth and young adulthood will probably be spent learning to recognize others' needs and learning, too, to modify your all too obvious rigid or stubborn streak.

If there are any strong differences between your practical material energy and the other less insistent aspects of your energy described below, the practical and material characteristics tend to be expressed. Some people find it easier to ignore the other aspects entirely, particularly during their younger years.


Your 1 Life Path And 4 Expression

You were born with strong leadership potential. As you develop this ability, you may be able to assume a significant position in the business or political world. One of your major lessons in life is to learn the benefits of being independent. You must first learn to stand comfortably on your own two feet without leaning on other people. After that, you can advance yourself by using your ability for organizing, leading and managing. Some people spend much of their lives on the first part of the lesson. Others learn that part quickly and devote most of their lives to important leadership roles.

You have a natural potential to work long, hard and patiently. If there's a job to be done requiring a good deal of time, much difficult work and careful attention to detail, you can probably do it well. Others will recognize this ability and turn to you for help with complex tasks on tight deadlines. With your orderly nature, you may choose a line of work in which your systematic approach can be developed. You would probably work well in any place where care with details is important. You're likely to be good at establishing new routines and maintaining existing ones.

Others usually see your strong character and inner strength as well as your logical, down-to-earth viewpoint and self-disciplined manner. Much of the time, they're willing to trust your judgment and follow as you initiate and control activities. You have a good mind and can find and develop creative solutions to problems, sometimes with a striking original flair. You can easily convince other people that your course of action is the correct one for a particular situation. You use your innate understanding of people and your clever analytical approach to make your points. You also have a tendency to dominate others and this may cause problems.

Other people appreciate your special ability to produce order where little or none has existed. Your patient, dependable and persevering ways add to your managerial ability. You know how to convert an abstract idea into a practical, down-to-earth working format. Although you can handle abstractions, you generally prefer to work with material matters. Your honesty and sincerity make it easy for people to place their trust in you.

You are usually systematic and organized, but you may have to learn to use this important characteristic in a balanced way. Some people who would benefit by being systematic seem to have little interest in the matter and tend to be unusually disorganized. If you're like many people with a concern for organization, though, you probably have to be careful not to lose sight of the bigger picture because of your desire to keep things extremely orderly or because of your excessive concern with details. At times, you probably feel like you're in a rut, giving considerable effort without a sense of accomplishment.

When you feel limited or restricted, whatever the cause, it's likely to be a source of considerable frustration or resentment. When this happens, see if you are causing the limitations that you experience rather than assuming that they are caused by someone or something else. In many instances, you're likely to discover that the restrictions you feel are of your own making and can be lightened or removed. The strong likes and dislikes you often express may sometimes produce the very limitations which upset you. Your extremely strong expression of right and wrong-and the feelings you often have that your way is the right way or the only way-may also produce a sense of restriction.

Some people with a need to be independent spend part of their lives breaking free of the dependence they often feel in their younger years. Along with that strong need for independence, you usually have an innate desire to accomplish, to win recognition and to attain money and material possessions. You also want to exert your personal power. At times, you want to express your individuality, but you may occasionally have to work to keep within reasonable limits.

A lot of the time, you have pressing needs to be satisfied and can't rest until you've taken care of them. You often act without consulting others because you're convinced that your approach is the correct or only way. Even when your approach is a good one, others may often be irritated because you haven't taken them into account. As a matter of fact, much of the time you probably have difficulty seeing other people's point of view. By and large, you prefer to do things your own way, and you may have to learn to consult your associates before you act.

Much of the time, you prefer a stable, well-regulated life tending to solid traditional values. More often than you would prefer, though, you're likely to cause problems with your stubbornness, rigidity or one-track view. You have to learn to distinguish situations where you're helping yourself by standing firm with the courage of your convictions from situations where you're running into difficulties because of your fixed approach. When you're self-centered or selfish, you're probably working against your own best interests. When you're impatient or bossy, you may trip yourself up.

Your 19/1 Karmic Debt

You probably have considerable work to do to be able to see yourself and your needs realistically. If you're too immersed in your own concerns, you may run into problems because of your inability to recognize others' needs. You may have to learn to look past your own interests in order to become more aware of other people. If you're egotistical or aggressive, it will only add to the difficulties.

If, on the other hand, your needs are fulfilled primarily by submissively depending on others, you have to find the strength to break free from this dependence and learn to act on your own. You'll find little comfort in blaming your environment or other people for your inability to stand on your own two feet. If you're lazy or fearful, your problems in this area will require additional effort.

Many-possibly most-of the obstacles in your path are likely to be the result of your short-sighted appraisal of your needs. When you learn to observe your environment more clearly, you'll be able to use that environment to your advantage instead of being tripped up by it.

The Repeated 4's Deleted In Your Current Name

With your current name, you probably feel as if many of the restrictions which held you back have now been eliminated. It should be far easier for you to act as you would like, without feeling weighted down by pressure applied by others or limitations of your own making. You're likely to feel more open-minded now and more willing to follow constructive advice. It's much easier to make progress since you probably feel that you have many more options available than you could see before. With your current name, you're likely to have a more flexible approach which allows you to take better advantage of your opportunities.


Your 9 Soul Urge

Along with the organizational and managerial side that is such a major part of your character, there's another side which also contributes to your general makeup although it has a considerably smaller influence. When some of these lesser traits conflict with the business-oriented side of your personality, you usually defer to the latter.

With your love for your fellow man, you enjoy people as individuals and also show your concern for humanity in general. With your desire to give as selflessly as you can, possibly with little thought of reward or return, you want a close involvement with family and friends. It wouldn't be surprising if you looked for a career in which humanitarian values and philanthropic endeavors were strongly emphasized.

There's a compassionate and tolerant side of you which occasionally shows itself. At these times, you show a good understanding of others' feelings. You may also be aware of your own feelings and, when you care to, can fully express them. You have an intuitive understanding of life which serves you well when you choose to use it.

You can express your love and generosity with considerable depth and passion but this probably isn't your usual style. When this intensity does occur, it may take others by surprise and may sometimes be uncomfortable for them to handle. At times, you may give generously of your time, energy and even material resources with little thought of compensation. You may find considerable satisfaction in your occasional altruism. When that altruism conflicts with your personal ambitions or materialistic goals, as it's often likely to do, you may find it easier to disregard your giving impulses.

Although there's an adaptable side to your nature, it probably shows itself only on occasion. You may choose to give to others from time to time by expressing yourself in painting, sculpture, music or other artistic ventures.

Your 2 Challenge

During your early years, you're likely to show some fear and timidness. You may feel uncomfortable working with others because you're afraid of being hurt by an unkind word or action or, even worse, by being ignored by your peers. During your childhood and adolescence, you may often worry about others' opinions of you. When you learn that your considerable sensitivity gives you a special awareness, you will probably see yourself in a new and better light. Your shyness will probably be replaced by a growing self-confidence by the time you're in your twenties.

The Increased 2, 6, 9 Energy In Your Current Name

With your current name, the nurturing side of your character assumes a more significant role. With that name, your interest in other people, particularly members of your family and close friends, takes on increased importance. Your friendliness and affection will probably meet with a strong positive response and you're likely to be appreciated for your added generosity as well.

With that current name, you're likely to be considerably more responsible in personal matters, far more available when others need help or comfort. The strong emotional aspects of your character are apt to be more readily seen and appreciated, particularly if you've learned to express yourself clearly and directly without fear of criticism and without becoming overemotional. When you're sensitive and adaptable, you probably draw others toward you. When people see your ability to create harmony, you're likely to be called on to help in situations that have gotten out of hand. You may involve yourself working to achieve humanistic goals. If you choose to express yourself artistically, you may be pleasantly surprised at the quality of your work and the response it brings.


Your 3 Birthday

Your considerate and emotional side is an important part of your character. There's another side, too, but it appears to be of much lesser influence.

When you want to, you can express your joy in living by socializing, either with many friends in varied activities or in the company of a few intimates engaged in quiet diversions. You probably also express yourself in some form of creative activity.

There's a charming and gracious side of you which is most likely to be displayed when you're comfortable with close friends. At times when you feel particularly uncomfortable, though, you can be critical, oversensitive or moody. You have a good imagination and may enjoy creative pursuits. You probably possess good verbal ability and it wouldn't be surprising if you sometimes involve yourself in activities related to words. You may have some singing or acting talent, or you may enjoy writing or lecturing. You're probably a good conversationalist when you care to show that side of yourself.

You can be reasonably adaptable when you want to be. There's a good chance that you have many interests and move easily from one activity to another. Some of the time, you're likely to scatter your energies among your varied interests in whimsical or careless ways which keep you from accomplishing what you want. It may be helpful to learn to limit your interests or to curtail some of your frivolous or superficial activities so as to achieve more of your desired goals.

Your 5 Maturity Number

Sometime in the middle of your life, most likely between the ages of thirty-five and fifty, you'll probably re-evaluate how well you've used the freedom and change in your life. At that time, you're likely to appraise the exhilaration you've felt-or the discomfort or exhaustion-due to the shifts and unexpected experiences which have come your way. You'll probably examine how well-or how poorly-you've learned to focus your energies for growth and development by adapting to the changeability you've experienced. Because of this mid-life appraisal, it wouldn't be surprising if you make some important alterations in your attitudes and actions so that you can make better use of your current and future opportunities.

The Increased 3, 5 Energy In Your Current Name

With your current name, you're likely to feel far more capable in using your imagination. You may be working on many creative projects, particularly those in which your fine verbal ability can be used to advantage. You're probably very involved with new and progressive activities and excited, too, with your plans for travel and adventure. Since you often express the exhilarating delight in life which you experience, other people are likely to catch your contagious enthusiasm. You're probably spending much time with your close friends and may also be enjoying many parties and large social affairs.

You may have many new interests and the pace of your life may have picked up considerably. You'll have to guard against the boredom or restlessness which may sometimes cause you to scatter your energies. With your current name, you may have to exert considerable effort to maintain a reasonable balance in your life between the freedom you want and the stable and harmonious life which may prove more satisfying in the long run.

The 14/5 Karmic Debt Added In Your Current Name

There's likely to be more change and variety in your life with your current name than there was before. You may have to learn to slow the pace in order to concentrate on a few projects instead of being overwhelmed with the many exciting opportunities presented.

IN 2016

Your 9 Life Path Period And
7 Pinnacle

In addition to the many personality traits and characteristics just described, two long term cycles, the Life Path Period and the Pinnacle, set the background tone for a number of years of your life. They produce no abrupt or intense effect, but, rather, determine the general influences that you'll feel during the time they're active.

At this time in your life you're apt to have an interest in expanding your involvement with other people, particularly in learning how to give to others with more tolerance and compassion. At times, you may want to give to others by expressing your creative side. In all likelihood, you also have a need to spend time alone, studying or meditating, to get to know yourself better. You may also want to use your quiet time to become more spiritually aware. At times, your introspective needs are likely to take precedence but, at other times, your desire to give to others may be more compelling. Since your interests may sometimes seem to be in opposition to each other, there may be occasions when you have to decide between two considerably different directions.

Your 1 Personal Year

You may be occupied for several years with the general concerns described above. In addition to those interests, though, the Personal Year is a more specific influence that has a much stronger impact on your daily life. Though this influence is not directly related to your basic personality, it can show the time of greatest opportunity or when potential difficulties can arise. Having this information before hand can help you to get the most out of each year. Let's examine the specific areas of concern which are likely to attract your attention in 2016.

This can be an important year for you. You may want to plan and begin new ventures, particularly ventures related to your career or other notable interests. Instead of starting any new projects, you may choose to make changes and expand existing endeavors. At the very least, 2016 is a fine year to broaden your interests and activities. There's a good chance that you'll find a considerable number of opportunities to your liking-possibly in several directions. You have a lot of power potential this year. Use that power to its maximum. If the odds are at all encouraging, make the most of the possibilities even though there may be risks involved.

This year-and the power which accompanies it-point toward the future. There may be many significant beginnings-beginnings of major efforts which have a good chance of coming to fruition several years down the line. Try to emphasize your independence in 2016. Work to break free of any existing conditions which seem to be holding you back. Stress your individuality. If you have the courage to do things your own way, you're likely to achieve the best results.

The changes which occur this year depend on how adept you are in seizing the vital opportunities that come your way and making the most of them. If you act selfishly or have trouble keeping other people's needs in mind, you're likely to run into difficulties. If you're too aggressive or self-centered, you may make some forward progress but, at the same time, may create potential problems for the future. If you're still struggling with dependence, it may be worthwhile to concentrate some of your efforts on solving the problems related to that dependence before trying to move forward.


There's a great deal of power in the strong, vital and dynamic kind of person you are likely to be now or are working to become. Others usually recognize and appreciate your leadership, your hardworking nature and your considerable business talents. As you get older, there's a good chance that you find a comfortable balance between your own strong needs and the needs of others.

When you comfortably integrate the other energies described in previous sections with your practical and material energy, you'll probably experience richer and more rewarding experiences. As you mature, you are probably able to move away from the domineering-or dependent-approach of your younger years. You can develop into a strong, adaptable leader capable of accomplishing your own material goals while also demonstrating your interest in others.

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