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Tom Cruise

January - December 2016


At various times in your life, you've probably had the feeling that the opportunities are available for exactly what you want to do. At other times, you've undoubtedly experienced the feeling that hardly anything is going right and that you can't find a satisfactory outlet for your capabilities.

By using the science of numerology, though, you can recognize the specific influences and opportunities in your life at any given time. You can determine-in advance-the times of greatest opportunity and you can also foresee difficulties and the areas in which they're likely to happen. Numerology doesn't give you the ability to foretell the future. It does, however, give you the ability to see and analyze many of the coming influences and opportunities before they occur. This allows you to maximize the positive potential as well as to prepare beforehand for problems that may be developing.

This profile describes the influences and opportunities you can expect in your life during the time span shown. The profile also includes suggestions for resolving any difficulties as well as for making the best use of the coming opportunities.



Your 1 Personal Year

The year 2016 marks a time of exciting change, dramatic progress and new beginnings for you. Anything of a meaningful nature that you begin or expand now will have a significant effect on the course of the next decade. You're entering an entirely new nine-year cycle of experience. Plant the new seeds that you want to develop as the cycle moves forward. You'll probably feel considerably more energetic and assertive than you have in some time. Be ready to lead or take the plunge when an exciting opportunity presents itself.

As 2015 comes to a close, it will be ideal if you can let go of as much as possible having to do with the past. Take advantage of new situations as they appear in 2016. If there are any remnants of old business on hand as the new year begins, bring them to an immediate conclusion. Don't spend any more time than you have to attending to old affairs. Don't drift or show any fear of the future. Your power is now substantially higher than usual. The whole year of 2016 is before you. This is a time to act.

There's a strong possibility of an important change in 2016. It could relate to personal or business matters-or both together. Chances are that the change-and it can be large and dramatic-will be initiated by your own efforts. (If you don't change anything major in 2016 because you don't want to rock the boat, you may be delaying an important shift in your life all the way to the year 2025.) Remember, too, that one strong change can often trigger a sequence of events that can force substantial alterations in virtually every aspect of your life.

Develop new ideas as they occur to you and spend a good part of your time in 2016 seeking out new opportunities. Whatever you begin this year has a greater than average chance of meeting with success. If the odds are encouraging, take the risks involved. Study potential opportunities carefully, though, because any choices of an impulsive nature aren't likely to be helpful.

Plan and begin a new job or business venture. This may be a good time to turn some of your avocations into a vocation and fulfill some long-standing dreams. You may want to expand or make changes in an existing project, too. At the very least, broaden the base of your interests and activities. You also may find some interesting situations that will allow you to increase the level of your status so that you can receive more in the way of recognition. There may be substantial work necessary to get some of your ventures going. Do the necessary work-by all means-but don't get so lost in any situation that you limit your other options. Be on the lookout throughout the year to meet new friends and key business associates. This is a good year to move to a new home.

Emphasize the independence you feel and work on expanding your sense of independence when it seems appropriate. If there are still some areas where you feel dependent, this would be a fine time to work on them. If existing conditions of one sort or another have been bothering you for some time by holding you back, this could be the time to break free once and for all.

Make sure to exhibit your individuality in 2016, too. Do things in the style that feels most comfortable. If necessary, insist on your rights. You may be pleasantly surprised at how well that insistence can pay off for you. Act with self-reliance and confidence. Express the courage of your convictions.

Special Focus For This Year

The year 2016 is a time of change, progress and new opportunities. You're likely to have the kind of dynamic time you particularly enjoy. Check out what's new and exciting. Don't spend much of your time on situations with comparatively short-range possibilities. Devote yourself instead to ventures that may need five to ten years or so for full development. Select opportunities that will allow you to do things in your own unique way. Dramatize your approach throughout the year so that people sit up and take notice. Emphasize your independent ways and individualistic manner. It you feel that some situations still impede your actions, break free from these older patterns.

Look for new projects to start, existing projects to expand and major changes to promote. Your family may play a strong part in a dramatic shift. New career possibilities may come to your attention. An unusual situation out of the blue may hold significant promise of financial gain. Emphasize your important leadership and executive skills. Use the courage of your convictions along with your initiative. Matters involving your education may be affected by these capabilities. Be sure to take others' needs into account before you act, so that you don't appear self-centered.

Your 6 Essence

January 1 to July 2

While the above described Personal Year indicates the best approach for you to take for growth and development during 2016, the Essence points out the likely events to take place during the period that it is active. Knowing the probable events that will happen and the preferred approach to those events will help you to get the most out of your experiences.

This is a period during which you'll experience increased responsibilities concerning your family or the close community you are a part of. Expect to have more duties than normal in these areas. You may find yourself spending extra time with your children or possibly other's children. You may get new or increased job responsibilities or have to give a helping hand to someone you work with. This is also a wonderful time to enjoy a love relation, to get married or to appreciate the pleasures of an ongoing marriage. If you and your partner clearly express your emotions this can be a beautiful time for the two of you. On the other hand, being self-centered or acting in a dominating manner can lead to problems in your relationship.

Because your Essence for this period points in a very different direction than the Personal Year, you may find that things do not go as easily or as smoothly as you'd like. Your somewhat self-centered ways at this time conflict with your responsibility and concern for others. You may spend a good part of the time struggling to find a comfortable balance. It's possible, too, that you may try to avoid one of these energies all together. You'll find, though, that it resurfaces no matter what you do. Sometimes a balance can be reached by alternately using one energy, then the other. If at all possible, try to find an approach to the events and opportunities during this period that allows both energies to work together. This isn't always easy, but it can provide the best use of the potentials available.

Your 13/4 Essence

July 3 through December 31

The events and opportunities of this period emphasize hard work and organization. This is the time to put a solid foundation under any business venture you may be involved in. If you are not involved in a business, use this time to manage and bring order to your personal affairs. Deal with financial matters with a sense of economy. Be as practical and realistic as possible. Do the required work and maintain your discipline and determination.

You may at times feel overwhelmed with the amount of work there is to do and the overall slow progress being made. The intensity of this period often leads to strong feelings of limitations and restrictions. You must learn to accept the responsibility for the work and complete it or the restrictive feelings will become even more intense. Often the work goes much easier by changing your point of view rather than avoiding the work. Take care of health matters when necessary.

Monthly Highlights For 2016

The Personal Year is an important yearly influence. This influence, though, is expressed with a somewhat different emphasis each month. Be sure to take the monthly emphasis into account, too, when considering the best approach to take to each month's events. Monthly highlights for some of the more important months during 2016 are given next.

During January, February and March, keep a sharp lookout so you can monitor your various opportunities as they develop. Be patient, though, until the time is right. Look for some hard work in March leading to a sparkling breakthrough in April. Progress and change are likely to be dramatically highlighted in July. This may also be a good time to advance your reputation. A minor pullback can be expected in August, though, followed by the flowering of a major opportunity in September. Prepare yourself for a lot of necessary organizational work in December.


The information contained in this profile can be remarkably helpful. Read it once or twice when you first receive it. Read it again when important opportunities come your way. You may learn, as many people have, to benefit by making the most of the described possibilities by preparing beforehand.

Read the profile, too, when you feel stuck. You may benefit by figuring out how to deal with the difficulties in a better way. If you see a problem coming, a re-reading may show you how to prepare for that problem before it actually occurs. You may be surprised and delighted at the many times that the information in the profile contributes significantly to your life.


BIRTH DATE:             July 3, 1962
BIRTH NAME:           Thomas Cruise Mapother
CURRENT NAME:    Tom Cruise

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