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BIRTH DATE:   June 4, 1975  December 18, 1963
BIRTH NAME:   Angelina Jolie Voight  William Bradley Pitt
CURRENT NAME:   Angelina Jolie  Brad Pitt

  YEAR: 2016 2016


  LIFE PATH: 5 13/4
  EXPRESSION: 6 13/4
  SOUL URGE: 6 14/5



  LIFE PATH: 5 13/4
  SOUL URGE: 9 1



People form relationships for many reasons. Sometimes, they fall in love or find someone they admire. Sometimes, they want to make someone else happy or want to add interest and adventure to their lives. Very close relationships form when people enjoy the pleasure of each other's company enough to want to share their lives.

Relationships, of course, are ever changing. They shift and evolve as the individuals in the relationship grow and get to know one another on a deeper level. No matter how good a relationship becomes, it can get even better when the two people learn to accept and love each other just as they are. As you continue to broaden your understanding of each other, Angelina and Brad, you're likely to enjoy an increasing acceptance and affection for one another.

This profile can help you gain some of that understanding by clarifying your personal characteristics and motivations. It will give you a picture of the kind of individuals you are and, at the same time, explore the dynamics involved in your relationship. The descriptions in the profile are based on the science of numerology.

As you read this profile, you may find that you've already addressed some of the areas mentioned here. On the other hand, particularly if this is a new relationship, some of the issues discussed may not yet have come to your attention. In general, though, you'll find that most of the profile focuses directly on many subjects of current significance in your lives.



You're a people-type person and much of your activity is centered around your interest in others. The common denominator in many of your undertakings is the satisfaction you derive from your interaction with other people. You like to give generously and lend a helping hand. You also enjoy change and stimulating activity. You're interested in new ideas and free-spirited ventures which can expand your horizons. Your creativity and versatility often stand you in good stead in your explorations.


You have a strong concern with material matters and may thrive on the give and take that you find in the business world. Even if you don't have any direct connection with business affairs, you're pleased when other people are aware of your personal power. It's important, too, for you to achieve and maintain the status you want. To that end, you spend a good part of your time taking care of your material needs.

You often prefer variety and a good deal of excitement in your life, too. You love to explore the world, see new places and investigate new interests. Some of your activities include other people, often on a close personal basis. You enjoy helping others and, at times, can give generously of your time, energy and affection.

Angelina and Brad:

Brad, you have a positive viewpoint and a strong interest in developing your potential. You're usually on the lookout for favorable chances to enhance or expand your life. When you find any promising possibilities, you're eager to take advantage of them.

At times, Angelina, you enjoy exciting experiences which foster your growth, just as Brad does. You're primarily interested, though, in reaching and maintaining a stable and comfortable life style with a minimum of disturbance.




Everyone usually sees you as a very adaptable person. You generally don't seem particularly concerned with your own needs so that you're ready to go a long way to help others take care of their desires. At times, though, your needs do become important and you push ahead with them rather than helping others. This doesn't happen very often, but when it does it usually surprises your friends and associates.


Chances are you're a good leader. You exhibit a fine determination and persistence as you pursue your goals as well as a superior ability to take charge. Although these traits do much to enhance your leadership, they tend to diminish your ability to be accommodating to others. You generally expect others to follow your lead rather than thinking of giving in yourself to others' needs. Since you usually focus very clearly on the direction you prefer to take, you often aren't that aware of others' points of view.

On occasion, though, you want to give to those people with whom you feel very close. You can be reasonably accommodating then and adjust your actions to allow others considerable leeway. At these times, you may even be interested in listening to what other people need as well as helping them take care of those needs.

Angelina and Brad:

Since you're usually most accommodating, Angelina, it should be easy for you to adapt when necessary to resolve any differences that occur with Brad. You're usually willing to make concessions in order to maintain a harmonious relationship. You're probably aware, though, that other people sometimes try to take advantage of your very easygoing nature. You may want to learn to express your limits calmly and amiably-with Brad as well as others-so that you don't feel resentful later. Take care of your own personal desires, Angelina, on those infrequent occasions when you feel any stress because of them. When your needs are particularly strong, be sure that Brad is aware of them so that he can be of help when possible.

Since you can be adaptable at times, Brad, you already have a foundation on which to develop additional flexibility. If you can be somewhat more accommodating with those you hold close-for instance, when some of your lesser desires are involved-you may be surprised at the difference it makes. When you make an effort to understand where others are coming from, you're more likely to adapt to meet needs other than your own. You may find that you run into a lot less in the way of confrontation when you do that. When you combine this increased flexibility in approach with your strong personality, there's likely to be a considerable improvement in your ability to relate to others-most importantly Angelina.



Most people see you as a very sociable person. You generally enjoy having good times with others at parties and other social gatherings. You also enjoy small groups of people, particularly close friends. You usually make friends easily. When you find a person you particularly like, you often cultivate the closeness that you find so fulfilling.


Socializing is sometimes important to you and sometimes not. When it's important, you look forward to attending parties and other get-togethers and in spending time with your friends and colleagues. When you're not interested in socializing, it's frequently because some interest or activity has attracted your attention. When you get involved with an exciting project, you often prefer focusing on your work rather than on the people involved with the work.

On occasion, when you're very emotional, your relations with others are affected by your feelings. Many people may be attracted to your intensity although others may not be able to deal with it easily. You may have to be careful, too, that the closeness you want in your personal relations doesn't turn away people less open than yourself.

Angelina and Brad:

Since you both enjoy people, you're likely to do at least some of your socializing together-generally with considerable pleasure. On occasion, though, Brad, when your feelings are strong, you may have some reluctance about attending a particular gathering. When you can express your feelings clearly, it will make it easier for the two of you to reach agreement.

Angelina, you probably prefer to spend more time with friends than Brad does, so you're likely to socialize part of the time while Brad is otherwise engaged. If you can sometimes spend time with people, Brad, just because they're important to Angelina, that favor is likely to be much appreciated. If either of you have any dissatisfactions with the arrangements in this area, your differences should be discussed and resolved.


Angelina and Brad:

The people who know you recognize the loving concern the two of you often show with parents, children and other relatives. Others appreciate your frequent readiness to support and assist in a caring and responsible way. You sometimes share the obligations with each other when the load is heavy. When either of you display the lighter side of your nature, it may be very helpful in reducing the tension in trying situations.

At times, though, particularly when you're handling more responsibility than is comfortable, you both may feel overwhelmed with your relatives' requests. At those times, you often decline to take on new obligations. On occasion, your own activities get in the way of family responsibilities, too. It would be worthwhile to clarify your mutual needs and concerns so that one of you can take over family obligations when the other is caught up in outside interests.

When you show a regard for children, they're often most appreciative. They particularly enjoy the fun and joy you both often bring. You want to give a lot, of course, to your own children. On occasion, though, they may not have your attention when they need it because of your own involvement with other pressing matters. At times, too, both of you may get a bit too concerned about your children. They may complain when they feel that the restrictions you impose-limiting the places they can go or the hours they can stay out, for instance-aren't reasonable ones. If the two of you can learn not to pressure them because of your own worries, you'll all have a better relation with each other.



Angelina and Brad:

Your sensitivities can frequently be of help to each of you. Some of the time, you both have a good sense of your own feelings and are perceptive enough to pick up on other people's feelings, too. You can sense when people's moods change and you can adjust your own approach to take those changes into account.

At times when one or the other of you is upset or anxious, though, you generally have to focus on your feelings to maintain your usual level of sensitivity. On occasion, too, when either of you share your insights and find that your views aren't accepted, you may feel hurt or resentful. When this happens, you may want to do some inner searching to get a better understanding of yourself. Until you get to know this area better, you may choose to play down your sensitivity so that you feel less vulnerable.

At those times when you're both sensitive, you can achieve a special harmony that's likely to add a closeness to your relationship that the two of you appreciate. When either of you isn't sensitive to the other-for whatever reason-that intimacy isn't likely to be present. Try to sustain your sensitivity by giving out that extra effort, particularly when the situation is trying or when you're worried that the other might not be sympathetic to your views.



You know how to communicate extremely well and find it easy to talk to other people about most matters. You're usually a good listener, too. When it's necessary, you can generally express your emotions clearly so that others easily understand how you're feeling. Your emotions usually don't interfere with your good communication.

On rare occasions, though, when you have very strong feelings about an issue, you may have a bit of difficulty making yourself fully understood. Your friends and associates may sometimes feel uncomfortable when they have to deal with the intensity of your feelings. You may want to learn to keep your emotions under better control at these infrequent intervals.


When you're engaged in business matters or other practical ventures, you generally have a good idea of what's going on and can communicate well on the matters at hand. Much of the time, though, you prefer to keep your feelings to yourself. Often, situations in which you're involved seem like private matters to you although they may not feel that private to the other participants.

Some of the time, when you're angry or frustrated, for instance, you can become overemotional. At these times, your feelings are likely to get in the way of your expression. Often, too, you may not find it that easy to follow or understand other people's emotions and may not have an easy time with communication based on those emotions. Rather than dealing with feelings, you generally prefer to deal, instead, on a practical, down-to-earth basis.

Angelina and Brad:

Chances are that you won't communicate with each other as well as you'd like unless you're both willing to put in some work in this direction. Brad, you may want to be more aware of when you're repressing your emotions. With that awareness, you may be able to begin expressing your feelings more clearly-at least with Angelina-and help your mutual communication along. Angelina, if you're willing to exercise a good deal of patience so that Brad will be comfortable enough to exert some effort here, your patience will be rewarded. Both of you may also want to work on expressing yourselves more clearly when your emotions are very strong.



You often exhibit your affectionate side and, at times, can be most expressive with your loving feelings. Much of the time, too, you display your endearing ways. You frequently use a kind-hearted approach with both family and friends. The people who are close to you appreciate the caring manner you often show.


Much of the time, you have a heartfelt way about you and frequently exhibit your warmth and enthusiasm. Your loving nature and your sense of concern are often attractive to other people. You like to form a close and understanding relation when you're fond of another person. Although you often express your affection freely, you sometimes keep those feelings to yourself when you're with people whose reactions you can't predict. At times, too, because you don't want to run the risk of being rejected by others, you may find it more comfortable to limit how much affection you display. When you get bolder, you're likely to find that others generally enjoy your expressive ways.

Angelina and Brad:

You both can give love and tenderness to each other a lot of the time. On occasion, though, one or the other of you may not receive the affection you're looking for. Brad, you may also want to work on the way you occasionally limit the affection you give because of some temporary concern about Angelina's willingness to respond. It would be worthwhile for the two of you to discuss your varying needs in this area, preferably when you're feeling good about each other. Try to remove any dissatisfactions resulting from your different perceptions or priorities.



In your sexual activities, you display your desire for intimacy while expressing the intensely passionate side of your personality. You enjoy showing your affectionate feelings and receiving similar tenderness in return. You also enjoy a sense of variety and excitement in sex. A strong sense of intimacy along with considerable variety is often an ideal combination for you.


You prefer a sense of closeness in your intimate activities. You often emphasize the tender side of your nature and enjoy when that tenderness is reciprocated. Although some people are turned on by the newness and adventure often associated with sex, the intimacy you achieve is more important to you.

Angelina and Brad:

You both have similar needs for intimacy and are usually capable of giving to each other. In addition, Angelina, the variety you bring to your sexual activities has a good chance of increasing the pleasure for both of you. When one of you exhibits less interest than the other in having intimate relations, though, your affection for each other generally makes it easy enough to iron out the differences.

The sexual part of your relationship, then, should provide the two of you with satisfaction. The good feelings established here may help in resolving any difficulties that may be encountered in other areas.




You deal with many of the situations in your life with a very caring or idealistic approach. You deal with your personal and business affairs in the same generous manner. You usually depend on your sensitivity when you're making material decisions. The logic and objectivity that other people apply to similar situations aren't generally part of your view-usually by choice. If you can be somewhat more objective, though, you can still make your caring contributions and keep your material affairs in better order.


When you're working on the practical affairs that concern you-matters related to your work or personal life-you're reasonably objective much of the time. When you're very emotional, though, your realism may sometimes desert you. When you calm down again, your discrimination and powers of analysis usually return quickly. By and large, you have a good grasp of the facts. Your findings generally appear to rest on a grounded view of reality.

Angelina and Brad:

You both have considerably different views of the material world. It may be worthwhile for the two of you to work to understand and accept each other's way of seeing things rather than trying to make changes in one another's viewpoint. Brad, you may prefer to handle matters like your mutual financial affairs with little input from Angelina. Since you have relatively little interest in these matters anyway, Angelina, that may be a most acceptable arrangement for you.

Part of the time, though, Brad, your strong feelings can distort your judgment. On these occasions, you're not likely to be seeing matters with much clarity. It's a good idea to refrain from making any decisions affecting your work or finances until you feel that you're on firmer ground.



You have some understanding of financial affairs and an understanding, too, of how to deal with people on business matters. If you find the commercial world to your liking, you may make some progress with these business capabilities. Chances are, though, that you don't see these skills as an important focus for your energies. You're likely to expend your efforts instead to develop your other abilities which appear to have better potential.


Your potential for significant achievement is certainly there. You have the ability to do well in business and to be amply compensated. You understand money and financial matters, and have excellent executive skills. If you can run your own firm or have a significant administrative position in someone else's firm, your needs in this area should be well satisfied. If you're not involved directly with business matters, you may put some of your management skill to good use in your avocations or your private life instead.

Brad, from about the age of thirty-five on, you can make a lot better use of your business ability and executive skills than you did before. In addition, you're likely to display more self-confidence and self-control than previously.

Angelina and Brad:

The two of you have very different approaches to business and financial matters. Brad, your assertiveness, determination and strong motivation will be of great help in your business achievements. Your unique approaches along with your ability to work long and hard will also stand you in good stead. There's a fixity, though, Brad, and an individualistic manner that sometimes goes along with your driving approach. They may, on occasion, alienate some of your colleagues and slow your own advance. You can make more of your business potential when you're more flexible and operate with a lighter touch. Angelina, you usually have a relatively limited interest in business affairs and generally find little motivation in the prospects for more money, power or status. At times, you may appreciate assistance from others with significant know-how about business. You may even want to call on Brad in this regard.


Angelina and Brad:

Brad, you want a comfortable material life. You have some ambition and often work toward your objectives with vigor. You're frequently willing to tolerate a good deal of strain in pursuing your material goals. You have some ambition, too, Angelina, but it's usually less pressing than Brad's. You're generally far more interested in the excitement of your ventures than in the money or recognition that may be forthcoming at their completion.

At times, there may be some pressure in your relationship, particularly in regard to some of Brad's business activities. You both may want to clarify whether the gains are worth the problems generated by the stresses. When you adopt a more balanced approach to material matters, Brad, most likely after you turn thirty-five to forty, it may help to diminish the level of pressure in your lives. The two of you may also want to discuss your respective efforts and contributions in finance and business. You may need these discussions so that you both remain comfortable with your differing material outlooks.



At this time in your life, Angelina, you're likely to have an interest in developing a sense of stability and regularity in your business interests as well as in your personal relationships. This may be an important time to lay a good foundation for your various endeavors, particularly in career matters which may need a firmer footing than they have. You also have an interest in giving to others in a loving and caring way. You may choose to develop your creative side as well. Although your need for security may sometimes feel more compelling than your desire to give or create, you may, on occasion, feel caught in the cross-currents between these differing forces.

The broad ongoing concerns just described may occupy you for a number of years. Of more immediate effect in your daily life, though, are the specific areas of interest which attract you. Let's look at the specific areas on which you're apt to focus your attention in 2016.

This can be an important year for you. You may want to plan and begin new ventures, particularly ventures related to your career or other notable interests. Instead of starting any new projects, you may choose to make changes and expand existing endeavors. At the very least, 2016 is a fine year to broaden your interests and activities. There's a good chance that you'll find a considerable number of opportunities to your liking-possibly in several directions. You have a lot of power potential this year. Use that power to its maximum. If the odds are at all encouraging, make the most of the possibilities even though there may be risks involved.

This year-and the power which accompanies it-point toward the future. There may be many significant beginnings-beginnings of major efforts which have a good chance of coming to fruition several years down the line. Try to emphasize your independence in 2016. Work to break free of any existing conditions which seem to be holding you back. Stress your individuality. If you have the courage to do things your own way, you're likely to achieve the best results.

The changes which occur this year depend on how adept you are at seizing the vital opportunities which come your way and making the most of them. Unless you have both the ability and the confidence to move forward vigorously in 2016, the changes aren't likely to manifest in the future as strongly as you would hope or expect.


You're apt to have an interest in expanding your involvement with other people at this time, Brad, particularly in learning how to give to others with more in the way of tolerance and compassion. At times, you may want to give to others by expressing your creative side. In all likelihood, you also have a need to provide more security and regularity in both your career and personal life. You may find this a good time to prepare a sturdy foundation for some of your current ventures in order to facilitate forward movement in the future. Some of the time, your need to give may feel most important. At other times, your need to build for the future may seem more compelling. Since your interests may often be in opposition to each other, there may be occasions when you have to decide between two considerably different directions.

You may be occupied for several years with the general interests described above. In addition to those general interests, though, there are a few specific areas of concern which have a much stronger impact on your daily life. Let's examine the specific areas of concern which are likely to attract your attention in 2016.

This year can be both exciting and fulfilling, particularly if you can express the joy that you feel in life with great cheer and enthusiasm. If you are fully aware of the pleasures and happiness in your environment, this could prove to be a very special time. There may be lots of friends and social life and, possibly, much delight involving love and romance. With a little luck, you may often have minimal responsibilities. If that's the case, you may have considerable time to play and enjoy the lighter side of life. If, on the other hand, you find yourself burdened with responsibilities, it's important to allow some time to leave those obligations behind so that you can rejuvenate yourself. This year may be the time to take that special trip you've always dreamed about.

This is a good time to express your creativity. Although you have a lot of creative potential, you may still not be using it fully. Unless you trust your good intuition and make the most of your distinctive creative imagination, you're likely to be impeding your progress. If you appear too critical or overly sensitive, you may offend some of the people who could prove of help to you. Try not to scatter your substantial energies. When you're self-indulgent or extravagant-possibly more often than you care to admit-you're likely to run into problems.

Angelina and Brad:

There may be a lot of activity in both of your lives in 2016. Angelina, you're likely to be excited about the new interests and new opportunities which are coming your way. On the other hand, Brad, you're likely to be concentrating on your creative endeavors, your social affairs and, in general, the fun and delight you find on the lighter side of life. Your activities may overlap so that you may be working together or helping each other, at least at times. Since both of you are likely to be involved with exciting and forward-moving activities this year, you may have a good deal to share with each other.

Each of you can benefit from the other's support. Brad, if you can cheer on Angelina's triumphs and support Angelina's individualistic approaches, that backing will be much appreciated. If you can also engage Angelina in some of your social activities or travel plans, there's a good chance that it will help alleviate some of the pressures of Angelina's work.

If you can view Brad's activities with reasonable objectivity, Angelina, it may be useful in helping Brad to stay in a balanced position. If you can maintain a good perspective, Brad, possibly with the help you get from Angelina, you can use your energy in a constructive manner, rather than scattering it with little gain.

Make sure you both set aside time to spend together at regular intervals, if at all possible. Unless you each plan and work to make it happen, your other activities are likely to take precedence. Without that planning, you may find little time for problem solving and mutual pleasures. The tone of 2016 is likely to be determined, in considerable part, by the support you can give to each other. With mutual understanding, this could prove to be a very busy and very productive year.


Angelina and Brad:

The two of you now have a good idea of your significant personality traits as described by numerology. You have a good idea, too, of how you can expect to be treated by each other-and how you both relate to parents, children and friends. You're also aware of your corresponding traits in regard to business and financial matters.

The beauty and success of your relationship is partly dependent on these characteristics as well as the efforts the two of you are willing to make to more fully understand and appreciate each other. The significant interest that you both have in people forms an important link between you. Brad, you also have a strong concern for material possessions and business matters. Angelina, you find your interests focused more on unusual ventures or free-wheeling adventures. With these different approaches, there's likely to be a certain amount of give and take involved before you feel completely comfortable together. The differences in your personalities, though, may serve as opportunities to learn from each other's strengths.

The concern, trust and good will that you both have for the other are of considerable importance. There's one factor, though, that matters more than all others in making this a successful relationship. A good life together depends on the extent of your personal commitment to help each other develop, both as individuals and as part of a loving couple.

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