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Relationship Report


Tom Cruise


Nicole Kidman












People form relationships for many reasons. Sometimes, they fall in love or find someone they admire. Sometimes, they want to make someone else happy or want to add interest and adventure to their lives. Very close relationships form when people enjoy the pleasure of each other’s company enough to want to share their lives.


Relationships, of course, are ever changing. They shift and evolve as the individuals in the relationship grow and get to know one another on a deeper level. No matter how good a relationship becomes, it can get even better when the two people learn to accept and love each other just as they are. As you continue to broaden your understanding of each other, Tom and Nicole, you’re likely to enjoy an increasing acceptance and affection for one another.


This profile can help you gain some of that understanding by clarifying your personal characteristics and motivations. It will give you a picture of the kind of individuals you are and, at the same time, explore the dynamics involved in your relationship. The descriptions in the profile are based on the science of numerology.













Much of the time, your strong personality along with the forceful pursuit of your interests contribute to your important leadership potential. These significant traits, though, often interfere with your ability to be adaptable. Since you usually have such a clear picture of the best way to take care of a given situation, it isn’t always easy for you to appreciate others’ needs or to change your approach to satisfy those desires.


Sometimes, though, when you’re feeling particularly close to friends or family, you’re willing to adjust your plans so that others can get their needs met. At these times, you’re willing to put much more effort into finding out what will prove helpful to other people.





You can be flexible at times. When your own needs are involved, though, you often concentrate on yourself. When your needs are strong, it may not be as easy as you would like to reach satisfying accommodations with others. Close friends, particularly, may be puzzled by these lapses. On the other hand, when your own needs are fulfilled and you’re aware of others’ desires, you often change your actions to allow other people considerable leeway.



          Tom and Nicole:


As you probably know, Nicole, things go reasonably well when you’re accommodating. If you find somewhat more argument and discussion in your life than you want, though, it may be worth stretching a bit so that you’re flexible more of the time. Tom, in particular, will be most appreciative of your increased adaptability. Spend the necessary time taking care of your strong needs but try not to lose sight of others’ needs while working on your own.


Since you can be flexible at times, Tom, you already have a foundation on which to develop additional adaptability. If you can be somewhat more accommodating with those you hold close—for instance, when some of your lesser desires are involved—you may be surprised at the difference it makes. When you make an effort to understand where others are coming from, you’re more likely to adapt to meet needs other than your own. You may find that you run into a lot less in the way of confrontation when you do that. When you combine this increased flexibility in approach with your strong personality, there’s likely to be a considerable improvement in your ability to relate to others—most importantly Nicole.








Your interest in socializing varies a good deal. On occasion, you receive considerable pleasure and satisfaction in getting together with others. When you’re in the mood, you enjoy parties. When another mood strikes you, you may be just as happy to spend your time with a few close friends. Some of the time, though, you prefer to devote yourself primarily to yourself and your own private concerns.





Socializing is sometimes important to you and sometimes not. When socializing is important, you generally look forward to attending parties and other get-togethers and in spending time with your friends and colleagues. When some exciting interest or activity attracts your attention, though, your concern with socializing frequently decreases.


There’s also a cautious side to your nature. You may hold yourself aloof—sometimes even tend to withdraw—when it’s not clear what kind of a reception you’re likely to receive. When your confidence level is high, you won’t have to deal with this kind of trying situation.



          Tom and Nicole:


The two of you enjoy socializing with other people part of the time. Each of you also needs to be by yourself or working on your own private projects on occasion. Most of the time, you can plan your socializing with a minimum of problems.


There are times, though, Nicole, when you prefer to see few people and attend few gatherings. As long as you can make it clear to Tom that you want to spend time by yourself, the two of you can probably make comfortable arrangements. At those times, Nicole, if you can occasionally manage to spend some time with people who are important to Tom, that favor is likely to be much appreciated.












          Tom and Nicole:


Your sensitivities can often be of help to each of you. At times, you both have a good sense of your own feelings and can be perceptive enough to pick up on other people’s feelings, too. You can sense when people’s moods change and can adjust your own approach to take those changes into account.


On occasion, though, when one or the other of you share your insights and find that your views aren’t accepted, you may feel hurt or resentful. When this happens, you may want to do some inner searching to get a better understanding of yourself. Until you get to know this area better, you may choose to play down your sensitivity so that you feel less vulnerable.


At those times when you’re both sensitive, you can achieve a special harmony that’s likely to add a closeness to your relationship that the two of you appreciate. When either of you isn’t sensitive to the other—for whatever reason—that intimacy isn’t likely to be present. Try to maintain your usual awareness when you’re concerned that the other might not be understanding of your feelings. That extra effort on both your parts could count for a lot between you.






          Tom and Nicole:


Each of you has an affectionate side and can often be tender and admiring. You both frequently demonstrate an involved and caring approach. You’re likely to be devoted to each other much of the time. On occasion, though, when you’re not certain what kind of a reception you’ll receive when you display your affections, the two of you are likely to hold back on your feelings. You may also limit the affection you give to each other because of some temporary concern about the other’s willingness to respond. At these times, it would be worthwhile to discuss and resolve any dissatisfactions or misunderstandings that seem to be standing in the way.








In your sexual activities, you frequently express your desire for intimacy along with the passionate side of your personality. You enjoy showing your affectionate nature and receiving similar tenderness in return. You enjoy a sense of excitement and variety in sex, too. A sense of intimacy along with some variety is an ideal combination for you.





You want a sense of closeness in your intimate relations. You often display your loving side and find satisfaction when that love is reciprocated. You also enjoy the diversity and adventure often associated with sex. When you can have both the intimacy and the diversity, you receive considerable pleasure. If you don’t find it easy to discuss your sexual desires, though, it may not always be apparent to others what you would like in this area. When you can discuss your needs openly you’ll be more likely to get what you want.



          Tom and Nicole:


You have similar needs for intimacy. The two of you can often give to one another—as long as you each are willing to make the effort to understand the other’s desires. In addition, the variety you both bring to your sexual activities can increase your mutual pleasure. The sexual part of your relationship, then, should provide the two of you with satisfaction.













Your potential for significant achievement is certainly there. You have the ability to do well in business and to be amply compensated. You understand money and financial matters, and have excellent executive skills. If you can run your own firm or have a significant administrative position in someone else’s firm, your needs in this area should be well satisfied. If you’re not involved directly with business matters, you may put some of your management skill to good use in your avocations or your private life instead.





You can do well in the business world when you choose to use your management or organizational capabilities. Your ability to produce and maintain order is a special skill which may bring you considerable satisfaction. You can also work hard, often when complex details are involved, with good results. When you combine these business capabilities with some of your other talents, you may be able to make an even greater impact. You may feel just as comfortable, though, making use of these skills in places other than the business world.



          Tom and Nicole:


Tom, your assertiveness, determination and strong motivation will be of great help in your business achievements. Your unique approaches along with your ability to work long and hard will also stand you in good stead. There’s a fixity, though, Tom, and an individualistic manner that sometimes goes along with your driving approach. They may, on occasion, alienate some of your colleagues and slow your own advance. You can make more of your business potential when you’re more flexible and operate with a lighter touch. Nicole, you also have good business ability but you aren’t necessarily inclined in that direction. When you choose, though, to make use of your business skills along with your ability to work long and hard, you may produce good results. You exhibit a stubbornness, too, Nicole, that at times may annoy some of your associates. When you’re more yielding, you’ll find that you can move ahead more easily.






          Tom and Nicole:


Tom, you want a comfortable material life. You have some ambition and often work toward your objectives with vigor. You’re frequently willing to tolerate a good deal of strain in pursuing your material goals. You have some ambition, too, Nicole, but it’s usually less pressing than Tom’s. You’re generally far more interested in the excitement of your ventures than in the money or recognition that may be forthcoming at their completion. On occasion, though, you accept quite a bit of stress in these activities, too.


At times, there may be some pressure in your relationship, brought on by the strains in your business ventures. You both may want to clarify whether the gains are worth the problems generated by the stresses. The two of you may also want to discuss your respective efforts and contributions in finance and business. You may need these discussions so that you both remain comfortable with your differing material outlooks.








          Tom and Nicole:


The beauty and success of your relationship is partly dependent on these characteristics as well as the efforts the two of you are willing to make to more fully understand and appreciate each other. The significant interest that you both have in people forms an important link between you. Both of you may also have some involvement with business affairs and enjoy material possessions. In addition, Nicole, you have a strong desire to explore the excitement and variety in the world around you. When you both share some of your experiences in these areas with each other, the two of you may derive considerable closeness and pleasure. Don’t be surprised, though, if there’s a certain amount of give and take involved before you feel completely comfortable together. The differences in your personalities may serve as opportunities to learn from each other’s strengths.






BIRTH DATE:            July 3, 1962

BIRTH NAME:           Thomas Cruise Mapother

CURRENT NAME:    Tom Cruise


BIRTH DATE:            June 20, 1967

BIRTH NAME:           Nicole Mary Kidman

CURRENT NAME:    Nicole Kidman

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